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New trailer of PS4 Rime game is charming.


“Fairy Tale Battle Royale” by イナ


Damn! I forgot to add the swollen, shiny man-lips!


Damn! I forgot to add the swollen, shiny man-lips!


from oldest to newest (sweetle, penguish, kroking, foo) - I’m happiest with foo’s model because I was doing more things right by that point where as penguish can’t bend their feet and kroking has problems with their mouth becoming disconnected from the body (I made them before I understood how to paint weights so the mouth is separate geometry! foo is all one piece). I’d like to re-rig the first three at some point!



Chris Sanders’ “Sanders’ Style Surfin’”

lol, shows you exactly what he thought of when he was designing Nani and what was most important. Him and his sexual fetish for hawaiian girls isn’t a secret and boy am I fucking happy the animators didn’t go with most of these notes. Yikes. “womb”? what the fuck? And those hands?

for both this and The Croods thankfully common sense won out and his designs were either revised or eschewed altogether. Imagine if the HTTYD kids looked like this.

eurgh, reblogging for educational prosperity





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Can’t wait for this game!!